bluetooth helmet
bluetooth helmet

Advantages of Bluetooth Helmet that Rider Must Know

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The Bluetooth helmet is the most cutting edge technology that the human race has ever made.

With this helmet, people can communicate each other that use the same device or helmet. You need to know that this is an innovative invention in order to prevent any crashes on the road.

According to NCRB, there were about seventy six percent of road crashes involved head injuries of the victims. In this article, I would like to show you some benefits of this kind of modern helmet.

In spite of wireless functionality and rechargeable batteries are the most favorite features here, I will explain other benefits that you don’t know as rider. Check them all below.


For Protecting You as Rider

It isn’t a secret anymore that helmet will protect your head from the injuries.

But, did you know that Bluetooth helmet guarantees a high-quality protection that you must have as a rider.

The material can be light but this kind of helmet is able to resist high tear and wear from the road to your face directly. The rider must have known that the only protection, which they can use, is only the helmet. Not a standard helmet, it is a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth feature.

This function can be used by the others to find where the location of the rider who has undergone a road crash if he can’t make any sign. So, it is more than a protection by the way. It is a must-have thing for rider.


Hands-Free Feature

bluetooth helmet - hands free
bluetooth helmet – hands free

It is a common that we usually see a rider who rides his motorcycle while using cellular phone, right?

Of course, it is a heart-breaking moment when we see a crash for him because of this activity. It will never happen when he uses Bluetooth helmet.

You need to know that the helmet can connect with any device that uses Bluetooth connection too. They connect with their phones so that they hand are free to use phone during the riding.

In addition, some helmet also applies the voice-command so that you just need your voice to receive a call or hang up the phone.

The range between helmet and device is also wide. The maximum range is about 33 feet to 2,300 feet.




Who says that only car drivers that can use GPS? The riders can do the same, too. With Bluetooth helmet, you can access the GPS navigation through the speaker.

You will hear the navigation from the built-in speakers around the ear position. As a result, you shouldn’t look at your phone anymore. Instead, just listen to your helmet.



Last but not least, we love listening to music. So do the riders.

They usually listen to music through earbuds or headphones.

The helmet can set the volume of the music in order to ensure the riders can still hear honking of horns. This could be beneficial for the riders who take a long trip or journey. They won’t be distracted with the songs.


In conclusion, the Bluetooth helmet brings many advantages for the riders. Just find the right helmet for you next trip.

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