best motorcycle helmets - shoei
best motorcycle helmets - shoei

Best Motorcycle Helmets Brands Riders Must Have

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When we talk about best motorcycle helmets, it can’t be separated with the brands.

When there are some brands, there will be some manufacturers and the reviewers as well. They are one that becomes a constituent. I made this article based on my research about the motorcycle helmets, which gain so many positive reviews and sales.

You can’t ignore the importance of the helmet. It is the safest gear for us to ride the long trip with our lovely motorcycle.

There are many brands of helmet. You might be one of those who just confuse in a dilemmatic phase to select the best. You are in the right place bro!


Shoei Helmets

When it comes to the best motorcycle helmets, it also comes to the pioneer of innovative helmet manufacturer. This belongs to Shoei, which is a Japanese company.

It was founded in 1959. The main factory is located in Tokyo, Japan. The company has a specialty to bring High-End Premium Built Helmet to the world.

For your information, the company is very popular as the innovators among other helmet manufacturers.

For example, they invented the carbon fiber helmet in 1976. Yes, it must be based on Shoei helmet if you find this kind of helmet.

This company was also the founder of Kevlar helmet. Shoei is also not a large helmet company, but it is very well-known among riders. It is enough to put their name at this best motorcycle helmets brands list surely.


HJC Helmets

This company comes from North America. It was established in 1971.

The company has been focusing on producing helmets since it first appearance. Its consistency makes HJC becomes a popular helmet brand in the world.

Some reasons why it is popular are because it produces affordable price, comfortable, and stylish helmets. The company also allows the riders to choose their helmets from the mid to high end ranges of helmets.

As other manufacturers, the company also brings some new technology to the helmet industry like ventilation, aerodynamic, and many more.


Bell Helmets

You are going to see the first inventor of full face helmets.

I don’t find when it was established but it did invent this kind of helmet in 1971 when other manufacturers were just established.

Although they don’t produce stylish helmets as others, they do give us proper and comfortable helmet designs. When it comes to the practical helmet, Bell is the one that has a responsibility for it.

That is why some motocross racers like Josh Herrin and James Stewart select this brand as their decision to protect them while racing on the mud.

Bell also provides detailed design for every helmet it has produced. The ventilation system is also so easy for beginners and experts. Almost all helmets are lightweight.


Arai Helmets

best motorcycle helmets - arai
best motorcycle helmets – arai

Lastly, the best motorcycle helmets brands belong to the oldest helmet manufacturer in the world, Arai.

According to the source, this company was initiated in 1926 as Japanese helmet manufacturer. What makes it so special is all products of Arai are hand built.

In other words, every helmet isn’t made by machine or even robot. There is a human who always works behind it to design and to test quality of the helmet.


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