Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet - TORC
Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet - TORC

Bluetooth For Motorcycle Helmet: Popular Products that You Must Own

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Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet is a common example that our technology has been growing rapidly for over past years.

Yeah, this feature is able to create bike-to-bike communication through the helmet of the riders. Of course, it would emphasize the function of communication for riders all over the world.

On top of that, this communication system is very affordable.

In other words, everyone can afford it for their helmet. It doesn’t matter how it comes either earbuds or headphones, the technology can be gained easily.

In this article, I would like to share the best brands of motorcycle helmet that use Bluetooth feature. Check them out below.


TORC T14B Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

This full face helmet is very functional because you can remove everything inside when you want to clean it up.

In addition, it is a full face helmet, meaning that it owns super-duper protection for your head. The manufacturer adds drop down sun visor.

It is paramount to protect you from any glare while you communicate with your Bluetooth like listening of music or talking by phone.

Although you have this ability, it doesn’t mean you ride in a high speed.

You need to be wise in riding a motorcycle with the helmet as well. What makes it special is the flag graphic on the exterior of the helmet. You can choose your favorite flag. The manufacturer also adds dual density EPS shell.


O’Neal Commander Helmet

The next Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet comes to O’Neal Commander helmet.

Many reviewers recommend this helmet since it offers affordable price and stylish design.

Yeah, we can really see it from the picture by the way. Its built-in Bluetooth device doesn’t disturb the airflows of the helmet. That is why many riders love this product and brand.

For your information, this is the second product of O’Neal Bluetooth racing helmets.

The features are amazing. You can use the Bluetooth connection alongside with GPS, cellular phones, and other devices.

The system won’t take much time to sync.

As a result, the built-in stereo speaker will guide you while you are riding without disturbing wire on your mouth. There are two available color, green lime and black.


Hawk H-66

Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet - hawk 66
Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet – hawk 66

This product offers dual-visor modular as well as Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet.

It is called Blinc Bluetooth system that allows the rider to play MP3 music and rider-to-rider communication without any flaw.

The function of the drop down shield located in the helmet offers accessible feature. You can take it off whenever you want to remove it such as morning or afternoon riding.

You can also put it again at night riding for safer trip. As usual, the color isn’t only one. You can choose some stock colors if you want to.



In conclusion, the Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet is so important for modern riders.

You can see the efforts of helmet manufacturers according to the products that you have read above.

This feature is just awesome since you can listen to your favorite music while riding and communicate with other rider through Bluetooth system.


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