Bluetooth modular helmet
Bluetooth modular helmet

Bluetooth Modular Helmet: About the Modular Helmet

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Is it possible to have a Bluetooth modular helmet? Why not?

With the advance of technology and how new system is always be made available on a daily basis, you can definitely expect some modular helmets to come with the Bluetooth feature.

However, be prepared that you may have to spend more because this kind of helmet is generally more expensive than the regular ones.


About Modular Helmet

Modular helmet is often known as the hybrid helmet because it combines the full face and open face construction.

It is also known as the flip-up helmet because the mouth and chin section can be lifted up, thanks to the movable screw section on the side.

In most cases, you will have to wear the helmet in a full face manner when riding the bike.

But when you want to breathe or drink or smoke, simply lift it up to access the open face structure.

For some bikers, this is a good type of helmet because it provides versatility and flexibility although the price is higher than both the open face and also full face helmets.

So, what’s the deal about Bluetooth modular helmet? Well, just like the name suggests, it is the modular helmet equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Aside the benefits of the modular helmet, you can also enjoy the benefits of the installed Bluetooth technology?

Naturally, the Bluetooth is designed to provide better communication and a more enjoyable riding feature. Not only you can enjoy the more accessible features, you can also listen to your favorite music or talk to people through your phone.


The Things about Modular Helmet

Bluetooth modular helmet
Bluetooth modular helmet

Although the modular helmet seems to bring a lot of advantages and perks, especially with the Bluetooth modular helmet, there are some possible flaws that you need to consider.

For a starter, the modular helmet isn’t as safe as the full face type.

The movable chin part is probably convenient but it may not come packed with all the needed safety features.

The pads are definitely less thick and the safety technologies aren’t as sophisticated as the full face one.

Moreover, the modular helmet is somewhat heavier because of the added screws and technologies from the movable parts as well as the Bluetooth addition.

It may not affect you so much on a short trip but it will definitely affect you on a longer one. It won’t only affect your gait on the longer run, but it will also affect your comfort.

It is safe to say that the modular Bluetooth helmet is pretty safe but it won’t be as safe as the full face type.

If you are into long distance touring so much, it is advisable that you choose the full face Bluetooth helmet – not the modular type.


Final Verdict

The decision to choose the right helmet depends on your personal preference as well as your needs.

Whether you choose the full face, the open face, or the modular one, it depends on you.

Whether you want the regular helmet or the one with Bluetooth, again, it depends on you. Just be sure not to rush things when buying the Bluetooth modular helmet.


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