motorcycle helmets with speakers
motorcycle helmets with speakers

Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers: Things to Consider before You Buy

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There are lot things to consider when you want to buy something, including motorcycle helmets with speakers. In short, helmet is a protective gear that we usually use when riding a bike or motorcycle.

But, it comes special after we invented the helmets with speakers and Bluetooth system which is called bluetooth helmet. Now, we can listen to our favorite music throughout the long trip with our motorcycle.

This thing becomes trends now. People look for this helmet even though they aren’t motorcyclists or motorcycle lovers. If you want to buy this one, please read on this article till the end.


Types of Bluetooth

Basically, motorcycle helmets with speakers are integrated with a Bluetooth connection.

I don’t want to explain what it Bluetooth since it is so popular with our cellular phones these days. Instead, I want to share about two types of Bluetooth system integrated with the helmet.

The first one is called integrated Bluetooth system. Yeah, it is like a built-in Bluetooth in your helmet. In order words, it is already placed. You pay the helmet and you got the Bluetooth as well. The second one is called Bluetooth Ready type.

It is the opposite of the first one. You buy the helmet but you don’t get the Bluetooth system.

But, the helmet remains the space for the Bluetooth system inside. In other words, you have to buy it separately. There is a space in your helmet to be equipped with.



Before you buy one of the motorcycle helmets with speakers in the market, you have to ensure that the main function of helmet is already offered.

This is the most important thing you must consider because the primary function mustn’t be omitted since you want a helmet with extra function like speakers and Bluetooth system.

I repeat once again the function of the helmet. It is to protect your head from any collision or crash while you are on the road. So, it must be comfort with your head.

It must be safe as well. Last but not least, it must be well manufactured.



motorcycle helmets with speakers
motorcycle helmets with speakers

The next thing to consider it the usability of the motorcycle helmets with speakers.

It does have some controls that you may not be able to use it in a fast movement. Then, you have to test that you are going to choose.

If you feel that is not usable enough for you, you can choose another design. Please ensure you can control all the functions.

Yes, this isn’t a common helmet. You need to master how to control it.

How to turn on and off the Bluetooth? How to use the speakers?


Waterproof Feature

Last but not least, you have to aware that you are going to buy motorcycle helmets with speakers. I other words, you have the electronic device inside your helmet.

Then, some water leak may harm and damage your helmet whenever it happens. If you are just a careless man, avoid buying these such things.

Before buying the helmet with electronic things inside, make sure you buy the helmet with the waterproof feature.


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