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How to Improve Sound Quality of Helmet Speakers

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I do love improving my sound quality of helmet speakers because it is like my hobbies to listening to music during my long road trip.

As we know, Bluetooth helmets are the most current trending among people who are in motorcycle communities. This kind of helmets has special ability to transfer the audio files from our device to the built in speakers inside our helmet.

Of course, it sounds really cool, right? So, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you put the helmet on your head. It also connects with cellular phones so that we can use as hands-free device and GPS navigation.


The Problem

Let’s talk about the problem of the helmet speakers firstly. Yes, the sound quality of the speakers is like decreased or reduced deliberately.

I don’t want to blame the manufacturers of those helmets by the way. I believe they have a reason behind it, which I will explain too later.

The sound quality of the audio from the device to the Bluetooth speakers of the helmet doesn’t deliver a good quality sound after all.

It is like reduced bass sound, low volume level, and many more. This problem is actually only one. The manufacturers want to make it balance.

As we know, we ride our bikes or motorcycles with some wind noises, noisy vehicle sounds, and many more.

It is kind of useless for the manufacturers to provide the highest quality sound since we can’t perfectly listen to the audio from the helmet speakers.

This is just a possible thing that I can find. Perhaps, there are more reasons why they want to do it. So, let’s just take my opinion as the real problem here.

What will you do to avoid this medium to low sound quality? You must improve the sound quality by purchasing some aftermarket plug-in speakers.

I have tested and tried some plug-in speakers that can improve my speakers. I don’t want to say any brand here to be fair.

You can just look for your own favorite brands out there. I just show you some factors you need to consider while buying it.



This is the most common thing you should consider from the beginning. But, almost all plug-in speakers are offered at cheap prices. So, we don’t have a problem in this factor.



Helmet Speaker
Helmet Speaker

There are basically two types of plug-in speakers for your helmet speakers. The first one is that comes with extra or additional plug.

You just plug the speaker to the speakers of the helmet. Meanwhile, the second type is without the additional plug. It means that you must connect it with a connector, which requires soldering iron.

Don’t worry about that because there are a lot of tutorials about it on Google or Youtube.



Last but not least, it is all about your comfort.

You should calculate the best position of the plug-in speakers inside the helmet speakers. I prefer making them closer to my ear so that the sound quality is better.

You have to measure that you keep hearing the honking sound as well because it is so important.


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