Bluetooth helmet speakers
Bluetooth helmet speakers

Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Types and How to Choose One

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Having the Bluetooth helmet speakers give you many options on how you should enjoy your ride.

Unlike the cars, riding the motorcycle can be super quiet.

No entertainment or multimedia to enjoy – only the sound of the howling wind.

But thanks to the advance of technology, now you can improve your enjoyment to a higher level without compromising your safety.


Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Functions

In the old days, when the mp3 was finally created, bike riders had the options to use the headphones while cruising down the road.

However, this wasn’t for everyone – simply because the matter of comfort and convenience. When you wear the headphone and then the helmet, the headphone can get in a way, creating an unnecessary bulkiness.

First, it makes the head area feels full. And second, it creates bulkiness – some users can’t even fit their heads because of it.

But with Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers, things can be different.

You probably think, “Why would I want such a helmet when I can install the speakers on the handlebar?”

Well, of course you can do this, but the wind and the surrounding noise can overpower the sound coming from the speaker.

In the end, you won’t be able to hear anything. It would be useless to install the speaker, don’t you think?


The Different Types

Basically, the Bluetooth helmet speakers are coming in two major types, which include:

  • Freestanding speaker. It works like the traditional headphone where you can attach it to your ear and then secured through a certain way of the helmet, providing better fit and comfort.
  • Attached speaker. It is basically the built-in type where the system has been embedded within the helmet. It provides a more convenient arrangement, but you won’t be able to enjoy the multimedia outside the helmet. However, this type of helmet can be paired up with your phone or other device through the Bluetooth signal, providing a better way to enjoy your entertainment while you are on the go.


Choosing the Right One

You may be surprised to find out that there are so many different types of Bluetooth helmet speakers out there – making the selection process difficult.

Don’t be. There are some handy guide and tips that can help you ease out the process.

  • Size. You want to have the right helmet, which isn’t too big or too small – just the right size. If you choose a bigger helmet, it will be too loose. Not to mention that it will only add the weight that can be affecting the comfort. It won’t be able to deliver maximum protection. However, too small helmet will be too snug and it is possible to restrict your blood flow, creating a nausea condition and dizziness.
  • Speaker size and placement. Now that you have chosen the right size of the helmet, the speaker should be around the ear area – not too far back or too forward. The size should accommodate your needs – there are big speakers as well as small ones.


Besides those features, you want to choose the helmet with good safety features, meaning that it should have supporting pads, good material, and such thing alike.

Be through when choosing the ideal Bluetooth helmet speakers for your needs.


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