motorcycle speakers
motorcycle speakers

Tips and Tricks for Motorcycle Speakers

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People just stick with a stereotype that only automobile that can use stereo systems or speakers.

They are wrong because motorcycle speakers are also available in this modern era. I would like to share some important tips when you start using these speakers on your motorcycle or bike.

Without further ado, check them all below.


No Need to Compress

The riders who love listening to songs usually compress the audio files that they want to use on their motorcycle speakers.

This happens because they want to fill up the storage disk of the speaker for thousands or millions songs. However, I don’t see this as a correct method.

You can have plentiful audio files on your speakers but it is all useless since the quality is bad. Yeah, you just don’t use the full potential of the speakers when you use high-compressed audio files.

Instead, just use no compressed or low compressed audio files when you listen to the music on your motorcycle. You can hear full quality audio even though the files may run out the storage disk.

So, I highly recommend you to upgrade larger storage disk for better convenient.



The motorcycle speakers also require a good placement. This is another secret to have high-quality or premium music on your motorcycle.

The best placement for your speakers is on the handlebars. This position is able to provide the best sounds of your speakers since they will project directly to you as the riders.

Of course, there are several areas that you can place on the motorcycle that you can experiment by yourself. If you are the main actor or connoisseur of the speakers, handlebars of your motorcycle are the correct answer for it. I recommend you to read this article about Things you should consider first before  you buy motorcycle helmet with bluetooth.

Most riders prefer this position in order to hear what you want to hear perfectly.



The next tip of motorcycle speakers is when you need to give some protection of it.

The most common things that you have to buy are the waterproof components. It does make sense since we really need to care the speakers especially when we put it outside the garage or house.

There are many components or even speakers that have already the waterproof components.



motorcycle speakers
motorcycle speakers

Many riders have been wondering about the amplifying of speakers. They just ask the importance of amplifiers.

When you ask me, I just say it depends on your needs. Amplifiers are basically up to the riders.

If you need more enhanced sound and reduce the noises, amplify your speakers. This also works when your speakers have the amplifiers already.

Just upgrade it so that the quality of the sound can be enhanced effectively. The distortion sometimes disturbs us as the listeners of the music.

But, it is all up to you once again. I just can’t force the song listeners who have their own preferences.


Use Bluetooth

The wireless motorcycle speakers can provide better settings and environment for your bike.

Yeah, Bluetooth motorcycle is the real example of it. You can hook up it with your smartphone or other device effectively. In addition, it provides hands-free feature when you want to play the songs.


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