womens motorcycle helmet
womens motorcycle helmet

Womens Motorcycle Helmet Basic Facts and Guide

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Today’s womens motorcycle helmet is designed with advanced technologies and cool systems – just the same as the mens motorcycle helmets.

The benefits are the same: providing protection to your head while making you stand out among the others. There are some important considerations you need to make when choosing for the right piece.

After all, these helmets aren’t exactly cheap so you want to be sure that you have chosen for the right one.


The Various Different Types

As it was mentioned before, the womens motorcycle helmet is basically similar to the mens helmets, only in smaller size.

There are some common types and variants of the helmets that you can choose for your own needs and convenience.

  • Half helmet. This is basically like the cycling helmet where it only sits on the top of your head, leaving the ears, face, and back head area open. It provides a less confined feel but it has the least protective system.
  • The full face helmet. This is considered the safest type of helmet because of the maximum protection it provides. However, it is considered a more ‘closed’ helmet and claustrophobic people may find it too overwhelming or too much. It doesn’t provide flexible openness like the other helmets.
  • The half face helmet. Also known as the three quarter helmet, this is considered the lightest and the most open construction type. You can enjoy the breeze – claustrophobic people may find this one pretty comforting. However, you may have to wear additional eye protectors or nose protectors for a long journey or trip. And when it comes to safety, it offers the least protective features.
  • The modular helmet. Also known as the hybrid helmet, this type combines the full face and also half face design with a flip up mechanism. The area on the chin can be usually flipped up (or lifted up) for better breathability. It is able to protect your face and allow you to breathe when you stop or you want to catch a little air. However, not only this womens motorcycle helmet is pretty costly, it isn’t totally safe like the full face one. Moreover, it is usually the heaviest because of the added materials for the construction.


Approved Features

womens motorcycle helmet
womens motorcycle helmet

If you take a look around, the best women motorcycle helmets are usually coming with DOT (Department of Transportation) certification, which means that the helmets have met all the standard (at least minimum) safety requirements.

It is also accompanied by Snell approval, done by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The Snell certification is almost similar to the DOT certification but with their own standard requirements.

Naturally, you want to choose the DOT certification considering that it is the federal basic requirements. Of course, if you can get a  product with both certification, it would be even better.

No matter which helmet you choose, be always sure that you have done a careful selection.

Don’t rush things – it would be better if you can make a careful and thorough research before moving on with the womens motorcycle helmet that you want.


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